Pastor’s Blog

Do you want to live forever?

The British Rock Group, Queen, released a song inĀ  1986 titled, “Who Wants to Live Forever?” That song begins: “There’s no time for us, There’s no place for us, What is this thing that builds our dreams, yet slips away from us. Who wants to live forever, Who wants to […]

Mission, Vision, and Values

In 2014 a Vision Team was formed for the purpose of coming up with a Vision for Parker Road Baptist Church (PRBC). This Vision would encompass what an ideal future would look like for PRBC (Vision Statement), what we would be doing to accomplish that future (Mission Statement), and our […]

Our new website

Welcome to Parker Road Baptist Church’s new website. Our old website was very outdated and cluttered so the decision was made to create a cleaner, less cluttered website. With help from Steve Renner, Church Planter of Family Life Church in Overland, MO, we now have it. Feel free to look […]